Introducing Philips Diamond Select CT Tubes Certified pre-owned tubes directly from Philips and available at AllParts Medical.

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Philips Diamond Select CT Tubes

The balance of quality and affordability your bottom line needs

Philips Diamond Select MRC CT tube are a unique and economical tube replacement solution that provides superior quality to other pre-owned tubes. When you have competing budget priorities or maybe you are nearing the end of your equipment lifecycle, consider Philips Diamond Select MRC tube for the proven quality you and your patients demand.

Why Philips?

We’ve designed and built over 60,000 MRC tubes, so we know how to select those best suited for refurbishment. Then, utilizing original factory equipment and expertise, we provide a high quality solution that is also easy on the budget.

Our comprehensive OEM factory refurbishment process includes:

Philips Diamond Select CT Tubes

  • Strict tube selection criteria
  • Exhaustive product testing and refurbishment using OEM components
  • Certification of original manufacture specifications
  • Conformance to FDA requirements
  • OEM warranty and service
  • We’re confident the MRC tube you receive will meet every requirement for continued imaging success.

    Stringent selection criteria

    Every Philips Diamond Select MRC CT Tube meets stringent selection criteria, ensuring only the most ‘lightly’ used tubes are considered for certification. In fact, less than 30% of the tubes we examine are chosen to be refurbished as a Diamond Select tube.

    OEM quality built-in

    We never offer anything in ‘as is’ condition. Each Philips Diamond Select MRC CT Tube is fully tested and refurbished to meet original OEM performance specifications. And to guaranty quality, we offer Philips installation, service, and warranty.

    Full warranty and service

    Even Diamond Select tube is backed by a full three-month Philips warranty. When your Diamond Select MRC tube is installed on-site by a qualified Philips service engineer, the warranty is extended to six-months. Need help with and installation and/or would like to extend your warranty? AllParts can arrange for your tube to be installed by a Philips engineer for a low flat rate.

    Competitively priced

    You shouldn’t have to compromise between quality and cost - Philips Diamond Select MRC CT tubes provide you both. Carefully priced to work within your budget, you can satisfy financial as well as clinical obligations.

    There is no need to take chances with other pre-owned tubes, when you can have a Diamond Select MRC CT tube certified by the original manufacturer to meet original manufacturer specifications.