Introducing AllParts Medical Choice Parts APM Choice Parts are Value-Priced, Reliable Used Philips Parts from a Philips Company

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APM Choice Parts - Used Philips Parts from a Philips Company

APM Choice now includes Nuc-Med

APM Choice parts are the first Philips parts processed through the AllParts Medical facility. For more than 10 years, AllParts Medical has been providing quality, affordable parts from top manufacturers such as Siemens, GE, Toshiba and more. Now we will be able to provide the same levels of quality for value-priced Philips parts.

Only AllParts Medical Could Deliver the Value & Reliability of APM Choice

We strive to provide parts that are superior to those offered by our competition. We have invested in our people, facility and tools to ensure we deliver a quality product to our customers with every order. With Philips APM choice, we take this drive for excellence a step further. As a Philips company, AllParts Medical has access to documentation and specifications directly from the factory.

Philips Allura Cath Lab

  • Harvested by expert AllParts technicians
  • Minimum 90-day warranty

Parts Currently Available For:


  • Skylight
  • Forte and Axis Coming Soon


  • Allura FD10 & FD20
  • Allura Integris 9 & 15/12
  • Integris H3000, H5000, HM3000, V3000, CV9 & CV15
  • OEM Tested MRC200 Tubes & Detectors In-Stock


  • MRC 600 & MRC 800 tubes in stock now!
  • More parts for Gemini TF 64, Gemini Big Bore, and Brilliance 64 coming soon

Call AllParts Medical at 866 507 4793 for access to the Full Philips Imaging Parts Catalog

As part of the Philips family, AllParts Medical has access to all the Philips MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Xray parts you need. When you purchase your Philips parts from us, you get competitive prices, a full warranty and a brand new part. Now there's no reason to risk purchasing your Philips parts elsewhere. Buy only from the company you trust for all your medical imaging parts needs.