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AllParts Medical Training Classess

We'll educate your imaging service engineers at our state-of-the-art Center of Technical Excellence, giving them in-depth, hands-on experience with their equipment. Whether you are in-house or not, it is our goal to pass our expertise along to you.


  • $2495: Basic Courses & Ultrasound
  • $2995 Portables, Bone Density and C-Arm
  • $3995 1 Week X-Ray
  • $5995 2 Week X-Ray & Cath-Lab
  • $6995 Cat Scan & MRI
  • $7995 Mammo

2018 Training Calendar/Schedule

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Download a PDF of our 2018 Training Calendar

Modality Training Course Title (click for description) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Basic Courses Basic Principles of X-Ray Imaging Systems Jan 8-12 March 12-16
Basic Courses Basic Principles of CT Imaging Jan 16-19 May 22-25
Basic Courses Basic Principles of Mammography Systems Jan 15-19
Basic Courses Basic Principles of Ultrasound Imaging Mar 27-29
Basic Courses Basic Principles of MRI Imaging Systems Apr 10-13 July 31-Aug 3
Bone Density MV Bone Density (Hologic and Lunar) Jan 15-19 Dec 17-21
Mammo GE Essential & DS Call to Schedule
Mammo Hologic Selenia March 5-9
C-Arm XR Hologic Insight/Insight 2 Call to Schedule
C-Arm XR OEC 9800/6800 Apr 30-May 4 Aug 27-31
C-Arm XR OEC 9900 July 23-27 Dec 3-7
C-Arm XR Siemens Arcadis -Avantic/Orbic/Varic Call to Schedule
C-Arm XR Siemens Siremobile Call to Schedule
C-Arm XR Ziehm Vision Dec 17-21
Portable X-Ray AMX 4/4+ Portable Apr 24-27 Aug 21-24
Portable X-Ray GE Optima XR220AMX Call to Schedule
Portable X-Ray Siemens Mobilett XP/HP/Plus Call to Schedule
Portable X-Ray Shimadzu MobileArt/Plus Jan 8-12
Portable X-Ray Shimadzu MobileDart July 30-Aug 3 Oct 1-5
General X-Ray DXR GE Legacy Basic Technical Training Call to Schedule
General X-Ray GE Definium 8000/Discovery 650 July 16-20
General X-Ray GE Precision 500D Dec 11-21
General X-Ray GE Revolution XR/d 2X Call to Schedule
General X-Ray GE Proteus March 26-30
General X-Ray Siemens Multix Call to Schedule
General X-Ray Siemens Sireskop & Iconos Call to Schedule
General X-Ray Siemens Ysio Oct 8-12
Cardio-Vascular GE Innova x100 and IGS 5x0 July 31-Aug 10
Cardio-Vascular Siemens Axiom Artis Call to Schedule
Cardio-Vascular Siemens Artis Zee Call to Schedule
Cat-Scan GE CT 5X-7X, Brightspeed and Optima Jan 23-Feb 2 Aug 21-31
Cat-Scan Siemens Emotion 6/16 CT Dec 4-14
Cat-Scan Siemens Definition AS (NEW) July 10-20
Cat-Scan Siemens Sensation 10/16/40/64 June 19-29
MRI GE MR Excite 11x-15x Apr 17-27 Nov 6-16
MRI GE MR Excite 16x-23x June 19-29 Dec 4-14
MRI Siemens Avanto/Espree Mar 20-30 Aug 7-17
MRI Siemens Symphony Aug 21-31
Ultrasound GE Logiq 9/Vivid 7 UL July 24-26
Ultrasound GE Logiq E9/Vivid E9 UL May 1-4 Oct 2-5
Ultrasound GE Vivid i/Voluson i/Logiq e/Logiqbook Aug 7-10
Ultrasound GE Voluson E8/730 UL June 26-28
Ultrasound Siemens S3000/ S2000/ SC2000/ Antares UL May 22-25 Dec 4-7
Ultrasound Siemens Sequoia UL Feb 20-22
Ultrasound Siemens Mid-Range UL (X700,X300, X150, G40,G20) Nov 27-30
Ultrasound GE Mid-Range UL (Logiq S8/S7, Voluson S8/S6/P8; Vivid S6/S5 July 31-Aug 3
Ultrasound Toshiba Aplio MX/G/XV/ Xario XG UL Jan 23-26
Ultrasound Toshiba Aplio 500/400/Xario 200 / 100 UL Dec 11-14

*Courses will be scheduled upon request.

AllParts Medical reserves the right to postpone or cancel a training course should the class not meet minimum enrollment at registration deadline. All course dates, locations, and tuition are subject to change without notice. Please call for most current information. Prepayment is required for technical training.

If you are an Image+ Customer, in addition to your parts discounts you are entitled to discounts on training classes.